World Breastfeeding Week: World Alliance for Breastfeeding

Action (WABA) is pleased to announce the theme/slogan for WBW 2013 - 'BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT: CLOSE TO MOTHERS' focusing on Peer Counseling, which was discussed and decided at the WABA Global Breastfeeding Partners Meeting (GBPM) held in Delhi, 5-6 December 2012.

The WABA Mother Support Task Force, led by Anne Batterjee, has been appointed Key Writer for the WBW 2013 Calendar Announcement and Action Folder, working with small team of WABA SC members, and Core Partner representatives.

As Anne notes: "Fifty six years ago, seven breastfeeding mothers came together and realized that their abilities to breastfeed their own infants came from being provided with information, education and emotional support from each other. That so many other mothers who longed to breastfeed could be enabled to do so if only those around them, their Peers, had the knowledge and skills to be supportive. La Leche League International was launched, and Mother to Mother support was born... Women's social networks have major impact on their health related decisions. Women are often drawn to other women with whom they share life experiences, especially when those experiences relate to parenting. When new mothers have someone who can understand and identify with their experiences, they can better enjoy and cope with parenthood. A peer counselor is an invaluable partner with mothers in their journey through parenthood, helping them gain confidence in their ability to breastfeed. Peer Counselors model the idea of seeking information from others, which will help moms realize that the breastfeeding journey is a learning process for us all…"