Who We Are

Quintessence Foundation, established in 1998, focuses on breastfeeding and milk banking education to health professionals and the public through a variety of venues. Additionally the Foundation provides support to programmes having a positive effect on breastfeeding and the use of human milk. The Foundation was established by individuals who desire greater breastfeeding and donor milk banking information and support be available to communities in British Columbia. The Foundation is a registered non profit organization (Charitable number in Canada: 89941 1425 RR00001).

What We Do

The Foundation has undertaken a number of projects. These have included:

  1. Breastfeeding Challenge: Dr Wah Wong proposed this project as a way of highlighting the benefits and value of breastfeeding and donor milk banking, while having some fun! The Breastfeeding Challenge 2001, held Oct 6th, was a challenge to the Guinness Book of World Records. Sadly Dr Wong died in July of 2001 so did not witness how successful the event was. After the first year the Challenge was changed to focus on a spirit of friendly competition and inclusion - every breastfeeding baby at a registered site on the Challenge day is included in the 11am count! The Breastfeeding Challenge is traditionally the first Saturday in October, or the last Saturday in September depending on holidays.
  2. B.C. Women's Milk Bank: To support the valuable service provided by the Milk Bank at the Children's and Women's Health Centre of B.C., the Foundation has made ongoing donations. We value the service provided and wish this service to continue its valuable contribution to children's health. The quintessence Foundation would like to see regional milk banks established across Canada.
  3. B.C. Baby-Friendly Network: The Foundation provides some funding to assist this provincial authority on the Baby-Friendly Initiative.
  4. Conferences: The Foundation has assisted the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) by providing funding for provincial conferences.
  5. "Educational meetings": The Foundation held a number of meetings under the banner of "Catch the Spirit". These meetings, held at BC Women's, involve representatives from twelve hospitals in the Greater Vancouver area. The goal is to work collaboratively using the UNICEF global Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative to provide evidenced based care and support families effectively in their breastfeeding goals.
  6. Newsletter: written two to three times a year, the educational newsletter is provided at no charge to anyone who requests it, preferably via email and is posted on this website. During the pandemic 2020/21 our newsletters have been on hold due to staffing issues.