Rules for Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge

Rules of the Challenge


Before the Challenge

  1. All sites should be registered preferably on-line before the date of the event. If you forget (yes this has happened,) let us know asap. Please indicate what style of Challenge event you are organizing- virtual, in person, or another method. In-person events must meet the provincial health recommendations for group size and precautions related to COVID 19.
  2. Preregistration by participants is strongly recommended for virtual events  If holding an in-person event registration of participants can be done at that time. A registration list is found here. Please note name, address or email and indicate photo/media consent or not. If they do not give media/photo consent they can still take part. If there is concern about illnesses, mothers can be registered from home and be counted in.
  3. The participants must be counted by raising their hands if possible when the babies latch on at 11 am. Time may be adjusted to work for your group.
  4. There must be enough official people designated to count the participants at the time of latch on. 
  5. Either take pictures of the participants and submit the pictures or have two witnesses (two adult non-participants) who are willing to submit their names to the Quintessence Foundation to confirm the numbers of participants in your event. See details in the section “After the Challenge.”
  6. All sites will be listed on the Quintessence Foundation website as soon as they register and the numbers of participants will be listed as soon as they are received.
  7. Organizers outside North America may post additional rules for the Challenge.
  8. Once we have received the majority of results, site certificates will be mailed to North American sites.

After the Challenge

  1. Pictures/Witness Statements: Submit pictures of your participants, mother & child -singularly or in groups to verify your numbers. They do not have to be breastfeeding. Please indicate whether we can post the pictures on our site and/or use it in our newsletter. If not submitting any pictures please ensure you fill in the information on your two witnesses when you post your data on our website or use the Organizer’s Report to complete a signed declaration with their contact information.
  2. Small Sites: If a site has less than ten participants, no witness letters are required.
  3. Submitting your numbers: Enter the participant numbers onto the website. If you are unable to access the site, you may email ( with the number of participants. This is very important and must be done as soon as possible preferably in the 1st week after your event.

If you are not entering your results directly onto our website, regardless of the method that you use for submitting your results, please include the following information for your results to be counted

  • Name of Site as registered on the babyfriendly website
  • Name of organizer
  • Phone number of the person submitting data (confidential)
  • Number of  breastfeeding mothers participants
  • Number of breastfeeding child participants
  1. Registration Lists: Please keep your registration lists on file until after you receive your site participation certificates.
  2. Numbers: An unofficial number of participants will be announced as soon as possible – we will try for one week if we get enough reports with the number being finalized as soon as possible.
  3. Pictures: Pictures for our newsletter and write-ups are welcomed! Submit to (