Getting Started

The next Challenge takes place on October 1-7, 2019. It will no doubt the most exciting yet. If you are considering participating for the first time, we are so excited to have you. You may find our newsletters useful to get ideas of the event. As health workers and educators, with no advertising budget, we have found this event to be an amazing way to generate community attention. Every site that joins us multiplies the efforts we all put in. Don't hesitate to send us any questions you have to us.

Here are some ideas that organizers have used for past Challenge events. What are your good ideas? Let us know so we can share them!

  • Print your flyers/posters on bright colours.
  • Design your own flyers and certificate of participation using a picture of a mother and baby.
  • Put poster with flyers for interested mothers to take in your local hospital elevator or other key locations
  • Buy fancy paper in bulk and print your certificate of participation on this paper.
  • Buy gold ribbon in bulk. Tie in small bows, attach small gold safety pins and pin one on every adult attending (see UNICEF website re this symbol )
  • Have door prizes and a draw for all that attend ( it can be small as coffee cards or a pen )
  • Give a small gift to each mother ( candy, fruit basket, donated pens, key chain )
  • Provide tea, juice and snacks
  • Invite the local media
  • Have displays
  • Involve other health services in your community
  • Hold a draw for a hand made child's quilt or other special item
  • Approach businesses in your community to provide door prizes in support of breastfeeding.
  • Have a speaker ( short presentation)
  • Involve a children's entertainer
  • Have someone do face painting
  • Join in with a farmer's market or local festival
  • Use the internet - facebook, twitter, instagram- to get the word out both about the event & importance of breastfeeding support


The following resources are available on our website: