Invitation to Join the Breastfeeding Challenge

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Join us to celebrate breastfeeding in a fun “competition” where every child “wins” because they are breastfed!

  • What: Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge. This fun event is a challenge for which geographic area (province, state or territory) has the most breastfeeding babies, as a percentage of the birthrate, “latched on” on a selected day in the first week of October.
  • When: Any day from October 1-7 
  • Why: To celebrate breastfeeding and milk-banking, and demonstrate promotion, protection and support for breastfeeding women and their families. It’s a chance for education and peer support done in a fun social way.
  • Location: a health unit or hospital, local coffee shop, mall or any other venue.
  • Numbers: 2-??
  • "Latch on": 11am local time. Some sites are a few breastfeeding women who get together to “be counted” and others are much larger events with lunch, raffles, education, speakers, door prizes etc
  • Registration: online at no cost (option to print and mail) Visit