Rules for Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge

The Quintessence Challenge is for the most children breastfeeding at the time and date of the event (usually first Saturday in October but can be held any day from October 1st to October 7th) of each year in one province or territory or state in Canada or the United States or other country based on the birth rate. In order to enable all provinces/territories/states to have a chance, the final numbers will be worked out as a percentage of live births divided into three categories (based on birth rates). Gold, silver and bronze designations for the “winners” will be awarded in each category. In addition, the Challenge will also recognize the site with the most participants, the province/territory/state with the most participants (ie children) and the site with the largest increase in participants over the previous year.

Rules of the Challenge:

  1. All sites should be registered preferably on-line before the date of the event. 
  2. Registration of participants must be done on the day of the event with participants signing in with name, address or email and indicate media consent or not. If they do not give media consent they can still take part. If there is concern about illnesses, mothers can be registered from home and be counted in. To "win" the Challenge, participants "calling-in" can only represent 10% or less of a site's final number.
  3. The participants must be counted by raising their hands when the babies latch on at 11am. (Time may be adjusted to work for your group)
  4. There must be enough official people designated to count the participants at the time of latch on. A ratio of 1 to 10 or 15 works well. Any unwell mother who cannot attend the registered site can email or phone in to be counted. Contact arrangements should be set up in advance ( an email address or phone number)
  5. Two witnesses (two adult non participants) must either provide their contact information as indicated with the online submission process, or, as done in previous years, complete a signed declaration with contact information stating the time; place, number of participants and that they witnessed the event. We recommend the new online submission process included on Quintessence Foundation website. IF A SITE HAS LESS THAN TEN PARTICIPANTS no witness letters are required.
  6. All sites must report their participant numbers within a week of the date of the event in order to be included in the official count. Reports should be submitted through the website. However, they can also be emailed to or phoned or faxed to 604-228-9331. We RECOMMEND using the website!
  7. All sites will be listed on the Quintessence Foundation website as soon as they register and numbers of participants will be listed as soon as they are received.
  8. National organizers outside North America may post additional rules for the challenge.

After the event the organizer:

  1. Enter the participant numbers on the website. If you are unable to access the site, you may email or phone Quintessence Foundation with the number of participants. This is very important and must be done on the day of the event (if this is a problem let us know!)
  3. An unofficial number of participants will be announced on the day following the date of the event(the website will give the listings as they are reported) with the number being finalized as soon as possible.

When contacting the Quintessence Foundation, please include the location of your site in the subject line. We would love to receive write ups on your sites to share through our newsletter.